The UK Press for Triomphe’s UK release (19th January) is great!

MOJO, dec. 2017. 4 stars, « Britain has yet to wake up to the fact that some of the most innovative and progressive pop music is being made away from the English-speaking world. (…) The dreamy, gothic landscapes inhabited here are entirely her own world (…). Fortunately the music easily lives up to the ambition ».LaFeline_Triomphe_Mojo

Loud and Quiet Magazine, dec 2017, 8/10.  “This is a superbly thought out record that covers a spectrum of moods and sonics while feeling like a single whole. If there is justice, this should be Gayraud’s breakthrough.”




NARC. Magazine, dec. 2017. 4/5 “This record cuts brillantly together epic poetry and groove (…) Every moment of Triomphe’s punchy dream pop is a

n unsetting yet beautiful moment of embodied human living.”