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La Féline is a progressive (French) pop act (named after Jacques Tourneur’s 1942 movie) led by Paris based singer and guitarist Agnès Gayraud. She is also one of the figurehead of french pop activists’ movement La Souterraine. A tall brunette with brilliant personality. She sings in French — byzantine lyrics that ring in your head long after hearing them —, brings together her singular pop songwriting and Baudelaire, church singing and 808s, pop and deep thoughts. Think “La Question” by Françoise Hardy, or “Desertshore” by Nico, the bizarre pop elegance of Stereolab or the choirs textures of Elisabeth Fraser. You can feel the profound musical personality in the vocals and the lyrics. Jarvis Cocker championed some of her songs on his Radio 6 Sunday Service show. Her last critically acclaimed LP Adieu l’enfance was released on November 2014. She now prepares to release the next, Triomphe, the 27th January 2017 (click here to pre-order the LP/CD) : she’s gone wilder and groovier, making her music even more magnetic and ambitious. She will celebrate the album release in a full band’s live at LA MAROQUINERIE, in PARIS, the 16th of MARCH (Click here to get your tickets).

WATCH  SENGA, As Human Pattern‘s vidéo for LA FÉLINE’S NEW SINGLE

“After some remarkable tracks in English and Spanish, La Féline find the formula for minimal, coldwave, intelligent pop, both nocturnal and sensual.” (Les Inrockuptibles)
“ Singer Agnès Gayraud is one of those musicians who manages best to make French sound different in her songs by enveloping it in other rhythms, and playing with its pronunciation.” (France Culture)
The Quietus interview: bit.ly/quietus-feline
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Adieu L’Enfance, la Féline’s first album, is still available. It was produced and arranged with Xavier Thiry and was released in 2014 on Kwaidan Records. Buy the album //Buy the CD// Order the vinyl.